Managing and Analysing large and complex data

We understand and are able to apply a range of techniques and technologies to handle ‘big data’. Our toolset includes OneView – developed with our partners in Calverston and DDC-AS which is focused on the ability to rapidly analyse a large volume and variety of file types. The use of OneView is described in detail in our FCDO Services Digital Case Study.

Managing and Analysing

Digital Transformation of legacy processes

SVGC are able to apply our 14 years of consulting experience to the transformation of your business processes to take advantage of the latest digital approaches – transforming their efficiency and effectiveness.

We consider your mindset, skillset, toolset and dataset to provide a comprehensive transformation service. A great example of the application of our digital transformation capability is the development of digital techniques – working in partnership with FCDO Services and a range of specialist partner companies – together as Team Cicero – to enable de-duplication, selection, digital sensitivity review and transfer of public records to the National Archives. This activity is described in detail in our FCDO Services Digital Case Study. This service is of relevance to all Government departments.

Digital transformation

Creation of Collaborative digital environments for toolset deployment

SVGC have the know-how to generate environments and toolsets which enable the integration and coordination of connected tools. Working with Evri Insight, the Integrated Capability Environment (ICE) is a platform which enables specific applications to be created, deployed and integrated. The example shown tackles the requirements management process linking assumptions to user and system requirements, and to performance management and acceptance activities.

Digital Collaborative